The BT Symbol

About the blue tent symbol

There is a two-fold purpose behind the creation of the symbol:

1. It serves as a creative representation of protest against the corporate takeover of our public services; i.e., the U.S. political system.

2. Used to refer readers back to Blue Tent; a novelette about the corporate takeover of the U.S. system.

There are a couple of messages here:

1. Join the revolution – speak out against corporate entities and politicians taking corporate financing.

2. Spread the Word – the only way to stop the progress of corporations as large as Monsanto, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline is for people to become aware of the manipulation in political processes.

My one and only political statement:

Corporations today have more control over your personal life than most like to think or believe. The food you eat, the information you take in and the environment you live in are to a greater degree dependent upon corporate decisions.

Politicians and political processes that depend upon corporate financing are subject to manipulation by this financing. More importantly, when corporate officers are placed directly into offices that have influence over decisions affecting that sector of business. This is a conflict of interest; and for the benefit of the corporation rather than for the American public.

Unfortunately, this kind of activity is typical to many government institutions.

My message: stop the corruption. Only you can change it. Become aware, educate yourself, tell others.

The novelette, Blue Tent is priced at .99 but the cost should not restrict the message within. If you would like a free copy email me with the subject heading ‘free Blue Tent request’. However, if you can afford a small amount and find the story/message valuable, please purchase the book through Smashwords.

Carla R. Herrera


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