Recent work (October)

I’m working on a series of drawings of Chloe (my cat). They are done in pencil and marker on plain white paper. Most will be 6×9.

Here’s #1:


Also doing a few social commentary things this month.

Praying for Justice:

Prayer to The Madonna


Kickstarter Project

Today was the first day of the Kickstarter Project for Taria of the Dead. As the project develops, I’ll be giving regular updates, including videos and regular posts about my progress.

If you look to the left, you’ll also see that I’ve create a page, specifically for Taria. There, you’ll find info updates, along with various incidentals. There’s so much to the creation of a new world/project that I have a feeling that particular page might spill over into its own (different) site.

We’ll see…

Also, I will be using a local (Arkansas) artist for my cover illustration. If you are, or know an artist in Arkansas who does this kind of work, please get in touch.

starvingartist0 at yahoo dot com.