The BIG Reveal

The BIG day is here.

After a week of spending time with movie monsters, I have a monster of my own creation. Unlike Victor (Frankenstein) I have a bit of pride in this creation. She really is a doozy.

She’s big, mean (ferocious), has sharp, gnashing teeth and long, evil-looking stingers. She’s also very hungry.

Without further ado… I introduce… [okay, to interrupt this train of thought for just a moment, I couldn’t think of a name. Not a good one. So, I’m going to let this audience suggest a name. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Leave suggestions in the comments.]

Here she is.



Romero’s Legacy

The Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968 to audiences of stunned children and adolescents who had never seen this kind of horror before.

Today’s audiences scoff at this type of imagery. We’ve become desensitized and casual about it. But at that time parents and social movers were outraged. A Variety magazine writer called it, “an unrelieved orgy of sadism…”



Today the film, now in the public domain, is viewed as a cult classic. One of the very first zombie movies to shock audiences into stunned silence.

I took some a couple of clips from the film, fit them with some spooky looking text, added a couple of tweaks and voila! I have a new movie poster that will move on to some awesome tees.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Dear Reader, my classic horror imagery cache is growing in the shops. Go take a look.



A call to brave The Monster

I have an image of the creature I want to use for the Friday reveal. But, I can’t share it here. Instead, I am looking for just a couple of volunteers to take a look at what I’ve done so far and give me their honest opinion.

I need a couple brave souls who can jump in the ring and flesh this bad boy out. Two eagle eyes who will venture into the cave of death and come out victorious.

Okay, I’m being a bit over dramatic.

I just want some ideas about what else to do with it. It’s lacking some oomph. It may just be something little. Or it could be a whole re-do. Not sure yet, but ideas would help.

So, I’m calling out for help. Are you out there?

Let me know if you’re willing. Email: starvingartist0 at yahoo dotcom.


The Classics

I found out yesterday that the “Wolfman” (1941) is under Universal Pictures copyright. I cannot use the same likeness for anything unless I have a license from UP.

The good news. There are other classic (iconic) images of monsters out there that are no longer under copyright and can be used freely.

Despite the absence of Lon Chaney Jr. in his wolfish form, I could use other wolves/wolf-men/women. I’m not sure the imagery would have the same effect. Our social consciousness is kinda primed for that image.

So I think Wolfie is gonna go by the wayside for now, unless by some miracle, a Universal Pictures executive looks down upon this humble fan and bestows the privilege of licensing upon me.

I gotta wonder: what are the odds of that happening? A billion to one?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I leave you with the image of Frankie’s monster colorized by yours truly. Not perfect, but it’s okay.

If you’re ready for a Tee (or other merch) with this awesome mug on it, head on over to TeePublic and have a look.


The Creeping Eye

I bet that title scared you. Didn’t it?

No. Well how about: The Tentacled Terror?

Not yet, eh? Well then, why don’t you come up with an idea?

Tonight I start on the monsters. The classics as well as, a monstrosity that is a compilation of insane attributes only a monster could have. The big guy, will be revealed next Saturday eve, after a full week of aliens and creatures from the deep recesses of freaky minds.

But I really do need your help. What would the most monstrous monster have? What would he look like? Can he fly? Does he have stingers? How about teeth?

Let me know will you?

In either the comments below, or come on over to Facebook and join the rest of us in trying to come up with this one.

We may end up naming him The Doozy. ๐Ÿ™‚



It’s Official

The Youtuber, Gamer Chick Jayne is supporting/endorsing me (Retro Girl/Art by Carla) for the Diversity Globe which will be printed on t-shirts and other merchandise on July 1st.


GCJ’s logo that will go on globe.

For those of you following along here, go give GCJ some love, will you?

Caution: for those faint of heart, you may want to take care. Some of the games she plays are truly scary. Despite this, she has some pretty awesome content.

Go give her a like, a share and a sub, will you?

An endorsement–yaay!

It has not been publicly announced yet, but… a personality I met awhile back is going on the Diversity Globe.

I met her a couple years ago, online and since, she has become a regular streamer on Youtube. And has a bit of a following. And other very popular personalities following her.


Anyway. Yes, I’m excited. I’ve added her brand logo to the globe, but can’t upload until she gives me the go-ahead which should be sometime tonight. There are some legal technicalities we have to go through…

So, cross your fingers for me and go over to Patreon and sign up NOW!