Moving the blog

I am moving the blog. I have been with WordPress for a very long time, but I think it’s time to update.

Blogger offers more services (video, etc) for a much better price (FREE).

So, I will be moving because in the near future (with some luck) I will be making video logs in addition to regular blog posts.

So this is the last post here. You can find me now at

Hope to see you there.


An endorsement–yaay!

It has not been publicly announced yet, but… a personality I met awhile back is going on the Diversity Globe.

I met her a couple years ago, online and since, she has become a regular streamer on Youtube. And has a bit of a following. And other very popular personalities following her.


Anyway. Yes, I’m excited. I’ve added her brand logo to the globe, but can’t upload until she gives me the go-ahead which should be sometime tonight. There are some legal technicalities we have to go through…

So, cross your fingers for me and go over to Patreon and sign up NOW!

Window Painting

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

window1  For those of you who don’t know, there are a few brilliant online art schools/learning spaces. I’ve just subscribed to

This is a site ran by a couple of accomplished illustrators (Parker and Terry) who have set up an extraordinary selection of video classes (and other materials) that you can subscribe to.

It’s a lot of work, but worth it.

Anyway… to today’s subject. Window painting. I began watching Scot Campbell’s channel on Youtube a few months ago and was hooked. I love this way of painting, because though it’s temporary, it’s a continuous exploration of an artist’s talents.

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook, a couple of local pages that I would paint windows window2or do something creative for barter. I only received a couple replies, but they have been challenging. Today I fulfilled my first one. The window painting.

I’m still working on the second one. It’s a drawing of a cougar woman. Still sketching it out, but haven’t gotten into that sweet spot yet.

Comments are nice. As are shares.

Dear Human

Chapter One

Dear Human,

We are here.
We are your leaders, bankers and teachers. Some of us are your neighbors.

You may call us alien or extraterrestrial; though we have been on this planet longer than you.

We expect life will continue, as it has for the past thousand years. The fundamental change occurring with this action (by us) will be that Earth people will no longer be able to deny servitude to the system we have created.

We are sending this message to let you know:

There is no out. Going “off grid”, hiding in caves or digging tunnels like scared little rabbits will not get you out of this. Each and every one of you is part of the system. YOU make it work.

Cooperation is Key

Those who will not serve as needed, will be put to use in another way. We waste nothing. Especially the very special gift of YOU.

We only ask for gratitude for what we have given your species.
Radio, television, medical, telephone, computers–all of this technology we have given freely, along with aiding your military on all sides. We have made you feel secure in your homes and you will continue with the warm snuggles as long as you serve us.

Changes that may/may not directly affect you within the next thirty (30) days:

1. Communication

All communication devices are restricted to authorized
personnel only. This means computers/internet, cellular or
landline phones, nor HAM radios will work.

2. Travel

Local travel only. By foot or bicycle. There will be
authorized motor vehicles for use for each district. More
information will be distributed later. [Please read the Manu
handbook distributed in each sector.]

3. Public Monitors

You will see us in your neighborhood and throughout the community, (we are the ones with the arm bands and communication devices.) We will monitor reactions to changes
implemented. There shall be no public demonstrations or protests.

Participating in unlawful activities not only harms you, but your whole community. Penalties for violations are as follows:

1st violation: Warning and tagging.
2nd violation: Your neighborhood will be quarantined for a period of one week (7 days).
3rd: Sustenance will be witheld for 24 hours, plus quarantine of neighborhood.
4th: Re-education and transfer of violating individual.

On a brighter note, high-crime areas will disappear. Everyone within these areas are currently being tested for substance abuse. Those found positive will be given the
option to participate in our re-education campaign. These people will become more positive role models in your community. Welcome them.

The roads and dwellings within these areas will be rehabilitated. You will find them safe and attractive. We (Manu) know humans need symmetry to feel truly happy, therefore we are providing this for you.

We are not here to instill fear or harm you. In fact, our species have worked and evolved alongside yours for thousands of years. Hostile actions against Manu only result in self-harm. You do not want to test this.

More information will be distributed as we see fit. Until then, please read the Community Handbooks we have distributed and abide by all rules.