Words of Wisdom #1

Don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, but I want to point out the errors following are intentional… Some people just won’t get it.



Doodling as Art?

I’m not sure I would call Negative Nancy art. She’s a stick figure character I digitally doodled while playing around with different ideas.


There was something compelling about her. I’m still not sure what exactly, except maybe it was just the playful way I had approached the whole thing. After working on the Violence Against Women project, I needed something a bit lighter.


I imagine this may be the reason for my inclination toward this particular image. It’s innocent and playful. Naive even.

Some of the merch products actually turned out better than I expected.

So for your viewing pleasure, I have brought a few to you. With the link.


A New Campaign

The new campaign is Violence Against Women.

Many have suffered at the hands of abusers, but until reading the statistics, you just don’t know how many. The stats really do make you do a double-take. The problem is endemic and there is a huge list of types of abuse that are beyond disgusting.

I just learned about forced marriage. In some countries (I won’t name them) it is a widespread problem with men abducting women and forcing them to marry under threat of violence and becoming ‘impure’ in the eyes of the community.

Anyway, the campaign currently has five different designs. You can see them on TeePublic and give me a thumbs up/like in the lower left-hand corner of each design.


P.S. Thanks in advance.

The BIG Reveal

The BIG day is here.

After a week of spending time with movie monsters, I have a monster of my own creation. Unlike Victor (Frankenstein) I have a bit of pride in this creation. She really is a doozy.

She’s big, mean (ferocious), has sharp, gnashing teeth and long, evil-looking stingers. She’s also very hungry.

Without further ado… I introduce… [okay, to interrupt this train of thought for just a moment, I couldn’t think of a name. Not a good one. So, I’m going to let this audience suggest a name. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Leave suggestions in the comments.]

Here she is.


Romero’s Legacy

The Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968 to audiences of stunned children and adolescents who had never seen this kind of horror before.

Today’s audiences scoff at this type of imagery. We’ve become desensitized and casual about it. But at that time parents and social movers were outraged. A Variety magazine writer called it, “an unrelieved orgy of sadism…”



Today the film, now in the public domain, is viewed as a cult classic. One of the very first zombie movies to shock audiences into stunned silence.

I took some a couple of clips from the film, fit them with some spooky looking text, added a couple of tweaks and voila! I have a new movie poster that will move on to some awesome tees.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Dear Reader, my classic horror imagery cache is growing in the shops. Go take a look.



A call to brave The Monster

I have an image of the creature I want to use for the Friday reveal. But, I can’t share it here. Instead, I am looking for just a couple of volunteers to take a look at what I’ve done so far and give me their honest opinion.

I need a couple brave souls who can jump in the ring and flesh this bad boy out. Two eagle eyes who will venture into the cave of death and come out victorious.

Okay, I’m being a bit over dramatic.

I just want some ideas about what else to do with it. It’s lacking some oomph. It may just be something little. Or it could be a whole re-do. Not sure yet, but ideas would help.

So, I’m calling out for help. Are you out there?

Let me know if you’re willing. Email: starvingartist0 at yahoo dotcom.


The Classics

I found out yesterday that the “Wolfman” (1941) is under Universal Pictures copyright. I cannot use the same likeness for anything unless I have a license from UP.

The good news. There are other classic (iconic) images of monsters out there that are no longer under copyright and can be used freely.

Despite the absence of Lon Chaney Jr. in his wolfish form, I could use other wolves/wolf-men/women. I’m not sure the imagery would have the same effect. Our social consciousness is kinda primed for that image.

So I think Wolfie is gonna go by the wayside for now, unless by some miracle, a Universal Pictures executive looks down upon this humble fan and bestows the privilege of licensing upon me.

I gotta wonder: what are the odds of that happening? A billion to one?  🙂

I leave you with the image of Frankie’s monster colorized by yours truly. Not perfect, but it’s okay.

If you’re ready for a Tee (or other merch) with this awesome mug on it, head on over to TeePublic and have a look.