Mugshots Copyrighted? I think NOT!

2nd UPDATE: (6/26) TeePublic sent me an email this morning and they did end up removing the Ozzy and Morrison merch. There’s a handshake deal with the company that manages those estates that they won’t publish anything without licensing. I’m irritated, but moving on. More mugshot merch coming soon. Some pretty creepy stuff.


TeePublic restored the designs!

So… A heads up everyone. I am venting here. I’m so angry right now.

I put together several mugshots of several different celebrities, living and dead, and created a standard design that would apply to all of them for tees and merch.

Two of them have been removed from my TeePublic shop because Bravado International Group Merchandising Services Inc. complained that it was a copyright violation.


I guess no one told them, they don’t hold copyrights to mugshots. These are public domain articles.

So for further public consumption, I am posting these two mugshots here. Please comment below.



F**K You Donald

For those of you who are wondering, this is my protest against stupidity.

I’m too pissed off to say what I want and I know it would be really offensive to some, so instead I’m using this as an expression of that anger.

Copy, make your own, share… pass it on please. And if you’re as frustrated by this whole political craziness that’s going on please let us know.