The Free Indie Reader

This anthology put together by Tom Lichtenberg is one of the best FREE collections I’ve seen. Authors include yours truly, Tom and several others, including Lisa Thatcher, Paul Samael and Willie Wit.

Tom is offering this free on Smashwords and Feedbooks.

Go take a look, download the book and give Tom some feedback, either at Pigeonweather or on the Smashwords site.


Book reviews that just get it wrong

It’s not often I address book reviews, especially when they give me four stars. Unfortunately, the latest book review for Hope Returns got it all wrong. (Sorry Phyl!)

Phyl Campbell is a writing buddy of mine and has done a few reviews on my books. In fact, before she did this review, she sent me a couple of emails asking about the characters in the story.

In the review, she does mention the story is flash fiction. NO. It is a short story. Flash fiction is a thousand words or less. I think I’ve mentioned this several times, but just in case references are needed, here’s a link: On Wikipedia and at Hope Returns is two-thousand words.

From the review: “But then the author writes that the mother didn’t care where the drugs came from. To me, that is an equally tragic, but entirely different kind of death. Drug overdoses could be accidental, or the drugs could have been a constant to try to reduce weight and add to the starving death. But nothing else is said about it.”

This is the short section from the text about the drugs:

 After the funeral, my sister asked, “Where did she get the drugs?”

I shrugged. How could I know? I didn’t care to know. Anger, resentment and guilt were all I could bear and I would carry these until I could make it right.”

Phyl asked me twice (in email) where the drugs came from. I said I didn’t care where the drugs came from. The story was finished and I had no more to do with it. To the characters in the story the where might matter, but why should it matter to the reader? The girl is dead for criminey sake.

Weigh in. Does it matter where the drugs came from? Does the reader really care?


Writer’s Life #1

Recently I read the book 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Though I’m usually a quick reader, it took me two week to get through this tome.

Why? Murakami writes densely. That is, he packs so much information into his sentences, economizing on verbiage, it takes a bit longer to get through more than 900 pages.

I liked the book, because the story truly transports the reader into another universe.

Another book I’m currently reading, Ghost on the Wall by Tom Lichtenberg, though much shorter, is much more enjoyable. I’ve just started the work, but already I’m hooked. This is the best of Lichtenberg’s work that I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a bit.

The language is graphic, symbolic, descriptive and raw. There are aspects of life that make us cringe when we see them, sometimes turn away, but Lichtenberg doesn’t allow it. He requires us to look at it straight on and deal.

Work hard and you’ll work hard, that was his own grim motto, and he did his share. He hauled and he lifted, he carried and he fetched, he stocked and he drove, he helped the products of the world find their way around in it, from factory to warehouse, from warehouse to store, from store to dwelling, from homes to landfill, the cycle of life in cardboard and plastic and metal.

The work is reminiscent of Saramago, though there is something reminiscent of Marquez’s, Love in the Time of Cholera there. But of course, I haven’t read through the entire work yet… More on this when I’m done reading.

In other news: I’m over 13,000 words on Taria and happily tapping out at least a thousand words a day. Hoping to find the right editor for Taria by the end of the month and still looking for an artist familiar with conceptual work.

Smashwords summer promotion program

sunwglassesJuly 1 – 31st all my books will be enrolled in the promotion program.

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