2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


Post Apocalypse giveaways, parties, etc.

Well, tomorrow is the Big Day.

Not the End of the World as we know it, unfortunately, we will all probably continue on as we have in years past.

That is, beating each other up, pouring pollution into the atmosphere for our grandchildren to enjoy later and living without a thought for future generations.

That sunny little remark aside, plenty of Apocalypse parties are being planned and non-Apocalypse giveaways have begun.

Take a look over at Goodreads and try to win a new Hugh Howey T-shirt, tons of books, book marks and more.

Oh, and happy, Not the End of the World Day (tomorrow, of course).

Writerly Resolutions – 2013

new_year_noise_maker_colorI don’t like to make resolutions, because I fear I’ll fall back on them, but I think these are a variety that can be a guide rather than something absolutely adhered to.

Regardless, I’m making them and looking forward.
1. No schedules.

Though I like schedules, it seems whenever I start one, everything changes. A family member calls with an emergency, long-lost friends tend to show up on my doorstep, the landlord suddenly needs to gut the apartment.

So I stopped with the schedule and just write when I can. It means one short story or a thousand words per day and rewriting and editing the novel, Nexus.

2. Morning writing.

Sometimes morning, sometimes night. Whatever works, whatever feels right.

That’s my motto for this next year. I would be happy if I can keep up the thousand word days, every day. At the end of one year that’s either 365 stories or 365,000 words.

3. Stay hopeful.

I will remain hopeful to continue as a full-time writer despite dismal sales and low response. The occasional positive comments and feedback I receive keep me going.

4. Word hoarding.

This past year I concentrated on storytelling, but I think for the coming year, I could use a grammar review and begin word hoarding once again.

What is word hoarding? Reading the dictionary. Improving vocabulary. Writing down and using words I’ve never used before. There are more than 200,000 words in the English language and the average person only uses ten-thousand. I’m at about twenty-thousand. Can you imagine if you could use half of the words in our language comfortably?

How often do you use pasquinade?

5. Reading variety.

This past year, I’ve concentrated mostly on fiction in my reading. I spent so many years reading non-fiction just to get through classes and for research, when I had time to read again, I inhaled the fiction.

This next year, I will vary my reading habits. I’m not saying I won’t pick up the next book by Atwood as soon as it hits the shelves, but I will start looking through the science sections at the library and local bookstore.

Introspective thought for the day and completely unrelated to the article above:

Be assured, the person beating you over the head with the certainty that you are not the most important person in the universe; is in all likelihood the most important person in their universe.

This Week (Beginning 10/7)


Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s a slow read. I love the language, but the story is not a page turner.


The Tesla Machine/Ressurector, editing HISS.


In television: This week was the Walking Dead season premier and though I’m not big on zombies, I began watching with the marathon this past Friday. By Saturday I was ready for the premier. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but it sure seems these premiers leave something out. With all the hype I expected something extraordinary and two hours long. Instead, it was just a regular episode. Nothing really special, with the exception of the mistakes I caught about Lori’s pregnancy. Did anyone else catch it?

Cool Moments

Perihelion came online and it looks great.


Random thoughts

The blog has changed recently and there are times when I feel almost uncomfortable posting some material.

This past week when I began posting the Tesla Machine, I hesitated because I focus (most of the time) on indie publishing and speculative/science fiction news.

I felt for this month I wanted to do something a bit different, in celebration of the season. But I was not sure how this new material would be received.

I appreciate the comments and the likes. Most of us indie writers don’t get a lot of feedback, so I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to everyone.

The Tesla Machine/Resurrector is being written on the fly. I post as I write, because It’s also a creative experiment/experience. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out.

I’ll post through October 21st, but after that I will be planning/plotting my novel for NaNoWriMo.

I will be sharing that here also, but the posts may get a bit sparse beginning November 1st, because I’m going to write like a demon to satisfy the requirements needed to complete this challenge.

So, for the next week, I’ll attempt to wrap up this adventure with Tesla and a few other characters who will come through the tunnel.

Happy reading…


This Week (Beginning 9/30)


Winter Moon by Dean Koontz. Though I was disappointed in the last work I read by Koontz, (77 Shadow Street) I thought I’d give Winter Moon a try. Unfortunately it’s not much better, though it is more his normal style of writing the former work.

I read through the book, but wish I wouldn’t have. Normally I would go through a book like this in a day or less. It took three days to suffer through it. Mostly, because of the preachy narration and clichéd plot. 2 of 5 stars.


Re-writing some of HISS for Smashwords edition and working on Smartware.


In television: Fringe, season 5, episode 2. In Absentia is the episode that kicks us into the new season. We now know the tapes the Fringe team has to find, are the keys to saving humanity. We also know the Observers are doing some very strange things with their captives. Disembodied heads, still alive? Well, I guess it’s just in time for Halloween…

Cool Moments

Swearing to secrecy, I and a few others were allowed a sneak peek at the new Perihelion (at the Beta site). It was AWESOME. I can’t reveal details, but if you had an idea about what to expect, put that aside. On the 12th of next month (November) you are going to be treated to a very cool fanzine that has come of age.

Random thoughts

I think there are times we need to step back from our work (if we can) and think about what we’re doing. It’s been three weeks since I’ve published Two, and though I’ve attempted to start a larger project, my mental energy is exhausted.

It’s time to take a breather.   meditation

I’ve been continually busy since mid-January. But now I’m gearing up for and dreading National Novel Writing Month in a little more than 24 days. So for now, I’m settling into that idea, writing what I can and getting in some much needed reading.

I’ve also been working quite a bit with different types of images and playing around with some of the features of the Paint.net program.

Most of the digital art I make is created just for the fun of it. I like manipulating images and working with text, which might say something about my typesetting background.

compu_framed  Not long after the dinosaurs disappeared, some of us in the printing industry used a large pre-Apple machine called the Compugraphic. The type was coded in and printed out on film rather than paper. The quality… well, the printing we have today does not match what we did then. Even with the best laser printers.

Anyway… some of the things you see on the blog are products of my tinkering.

Professor Extraordinarius will be posting sometime this next week. I’m not sure what he’s posting, because he said he’s not yet finished with it, but lately, when I see him at the coffee shop, he kind of snickers at me, so I’m guessing it’s something particularly offensive…

right_quote  Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. –John Lubbock, English biologist and politician.


This Week (Beginning 9/23)


No enjoyable reading to report this week.


Several blog posts, but have been re-writing/editing through some previous work.


In television: Fringe is back. Great premier, but it should have been longer. No movies this week.

Cool Moments

Frustrating week, but I found a couple of things to be grateful for: 1. Since January I have been writing full-time and have learned so much. 2. That I have had this time. There are quite a few who cannot afford to take nine months to do something like this. I have been fortunate.

Random thoughts

This was a busy week in indie publishing. The week started off by a discovery of Blue Tent (with my name on it) on Amazon with a different cover and an unauthorized price change. After notifying Amazon, the copyright agent promptly (two days) removed the offending work.

After a couple of email comments (thanks are in order) about Two, I wanted to see what a professional editor would do with the work. I sent the first twenty pages to a professional service for a quote.

The service sent back a couple of different samples, both of which were substandard, even by ‘indie’ standards. That said, tongue- in-cheek.

The quote was $900. for 30K words. The samples sent back included, words crossed out by the editor, then re-written. Perhaps they thought that I would not notice they repeated exactly the word I had originally used? I’m not sure about the reasoning behind this redundancy, but when I contacted the company about it, they were eerily silent. That company being http://www.editing-writing.com.

The second sample came back, no better. The editor said she had read the work, but her comments indicated she believed the Time

Keepers were from a different planet. "…when he is taken from here and placed on Earth as a human man…"

After this, I thought perhaps I should just stick to beta-readers and people who are actually interested in story development.

This week there was also some controversy about the overall quality of indie published books. A few book snobs, tend to be narrow minded on the topic of quality, independently published work. One person insinuated indie authors were lazy (and do not want to jump through hoops) in comparison to ‘traditionally’ published authors, which kind of sums up their knowledge about what we do…

Lastly, I worked a few hours at creating a new book trailer (for Two) that did not turn out too well. Though I liked some of the imagery, the sound did not turn out too well. If I have time this coming week, I’ll attempt another.