Find it on Smashwords or Kindle


Find on Smashwords  or Kindle


  Two can be found on AmazonSmashwordsBarnes and Noble and itunes.

 Two Reading Guide (downloadable PDF)

  This compelling novel weaves a story previously unimagined, as far as I know, which is the greatest compliment I know – to see possibilities around the corner that have hardly been glimpsed before.

  – Author, Tom Lichtenberg.

Blue Tent

Blue Tent can be found at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords and Sony ebook Library.

  What people say about Blue Tent:

 Blue Tent ends on a particularly brutal knife twist. It’s certainly brave, and maybe much too negative for readers who like to be coddled, comforted and reassured at the end of a story, but it leaves a far bigger impression. Therefore, if you like your speculative fiction well described and yet remarkably bleak, Blue Tent is a real, and altogether rare, gem.   –Paul Wilks, The Future Fire

 It’s a powerful story, one that I felt in the pit of my stomach as I got to the end. The characters are vivid and more than believable, as are the settings and events. This is no “do-over dystopia”. It’s a real one. Highly recommended.  –Indie Author, Tom Lichtenberg

Learn more about the Blue Tent symbol.

Short Stories


Day Gazing


A compilation of weird short stories.  Free on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble  and itunes.

The Tesla Machine

Tesla’s Secret (the edited version)

available at Smashwords

and Fresh edited copy of The Tesla Machine now on Kindle.


Hiss and Mentachip are part of the Evo-Digital shorts.  Hiss is exclusively on Amazon Kindle



MentaChip is exclusively on Kindle.


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