a year of publishing ‘independently’

pigeon weather productions

a birthday usually feels like a beginning to me, but this one feels like an ending, an ending to my year of publishing ‘independently’. it’s a bit early, since the year of doing that factually began last Thanksgiving weekend, when I first put some of my books on Smashwords and Feedbooks and was startled to see any of them being downloaded at all. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a few things, but I’ve also seen enough to know that the so-called Indie Book community is not one I can really be a part of. I’ve never been a joiner anyway, and despite the fact that there are lots of good and talented people involved in it, that world essentially boils down to marketing and grubbing for money.

Every child knows how to cry “mommy, mommy, look at me”, and every parent knows how tiresome it becomes. I’ve been the…

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