The Morgan James fiasco

Last week I wrote about the acquisitions editor from Morgan James that contacted me through Twitter. Well, after hanging up from a sales call by same editor, I was irritated my time had been wasted.

About five minutes into the call, after touting both companies, (MJ and Koehler Books Publishing), the man tells me, “Authors with a track record are given a traditional deal, but since you don’t have that we would need five-thousand dollars from you. It’s an investment on your part.”


But, he did mention earlier, in the selling spiel, that this company was not a vanity press. It was not a self-publisher. “We split ebook royalties 50-50,” he said.

Agents jump on that, he said.

Not if they’re paying $5,000. out of their own pocket.

I don’t care what a ‘publishing house’ calls it, when they begin asking authors to pay for the service of being published, that sounds like self- or vanity publishing.

Traditional publishing houses pay the author. These companies, despite what they want to depict in advertising and marketing, are not traditional publishing houses.

Morgan James and Koehler, through this scam-sleazy ‘partnering’ program are not just making money through books that hit, but on the author services.

In addition to the $5,000. I was also told there is an ‘Author 101’ event annually in LA and Las Vegas, in which authors are only charged half of the $500. to learn insider secrets of publishing and guerilla marketing.

The companies stress that authors participate in these events because it would make them more successful.

At the end of the conversation, I said “No thanks,” and hung up.

Still, I’m fuming a bit at the ruse. I felt there was a bit of misrepresentation involved by presenting these companies as traditional publishers.

For anyone else approached by these guys. My suggestion is to avoid contact. They are a waste of time.


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