Content Providers for Writers–Is it worth the time?

So, since the Nexus release, I’ve also joined a couple of different content sites to see how they work and see if I can generate some income.

Yahoo! Contributor Network used to be Associated Content. Yahoo purchased the online content provider, integrated it into the Yahoo system and now it’s been dubbed YCN.

The idea is, anyone can write on just about any topic, as long as they can produce 300 – 600 words about it. Contributors also have to cite sources and can only upload images that are not copyright challenged.

The other site, Wikinut, is another content provider and works much the same, but seems a bit more user friendly than Yahoo.

One writer said that Wikinut is a good place to earn residual income from previously published work. So I began putting a few of my old pieces from the Mature Health blog there.

YCN is for more recent work, with the hopes of earning a bit more.

Still, content providers are just that. There are millions of people attempting to do the same thing. If you earn more than a few dollars, here and there, it’s because you put the time in. You’ll probably not make a lot of money, but there are some writers who manage to make a living.

Here’s an article by another writer who joined to see if it worked.


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