Some additional questions about Nexus

I’ve had some additional questions about Nexus. Though most of these questions can be answered by reading the whole book, here are the answers.

Q: What is the Great Experiment?

A: The Great Experiment was a political move by the scientists of the twelve worlds (the nexus). They came together, found a planet (Earth/Aerte) and seeded it with the genetic material of their species. In this way, they could assure that Balam sec non’s decree of Harm None would be followed, because each world’s scientists were partially responsible for the development of the species that evolved there.

Q: What is the Unification Project?

A: It is the design of the Great Experiment by the scientists, because they used it as a way to unite the twelve worlds. The Unification Project Commission is a result of this work. [The Commission oversees all decisions, monitors and reports on all actions concerning Earth/Aerte].

Q: Why do the Ter-Herac and Tell consider the people of Earth as bad guys?

A: The Ter-Herac and Tell believe that in the last ten- thousand years of development, a system of living peaceably and considering other life on the planet should have been achieved naturally. Though people of Earth do share biological traits with Ter-Herac and Tell, they think and behave much differently. Scientists have found that the more toxic the environment becomes, the more aggressive, destructive tendencies surface. Combine this with over population and you have a toxic brew. So, Earth people are not so much bad guys, as they are subject to environmental factors, but have not done enough to help themselves out of the mess.

Q: What happened at the end? Did the children go back to Earth?

A: Yes, they went back to Earth, but what follows comes in the next book,
Nexus II: Home (coming out in December 2013).

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