Writer’s spaces – Where you do your best work?

workspace I’ve been thinking about writing spaces lately. Specifically, where I feel most motivated to write. Someplace that there are not too many distractions, but allows me to observe the world, while providing a distance that is sometimes needed.

I have two different spaces, though over the years, I’ve had several. The place I use most often today is my kitchen table. But I’ve found that sometimes I really need other humans around, so I go to the local cafe and plug in, purchase the bottomless mug and begin writing.

What’s your favorite spot and why? What makes a space right for writing?

I know a few writers who have young children at home and kids, for one reason or another tend to forget about Mom or Dad’s personal space. When they have that pressing need to show parents the potato bug they found or a boo-boo incurred while surfing across the kitchen floor, that personal space becomes family space again.

So, what works to establish boundaries?

I put up a sign outside my apartment door to establish a mental space, as well as a warning to anyone who may want to violate that space. I don’t always observe my own working hours, but it’s a space in which I know I’m supposed to be working and a set number of hours that has fixed in my head.

It’s working. Or better said, I’m working more. I get more done in the right space because of the freed up mental space… So I wonder, is it really the space or the psychology?



3 thoughts on “Writer’s spaces – Where you do your best work?

  1. Hi Carla. I do all my writing, well the vast majority of it, sat on the sofa in the living room, TV on so I know I’m not the last person left in the world. It’s also where my computer is, and even having a netbook and little notebooks hasn’t really changed anything, beyond being able to jot down ideas.

  2. Steve, I find that too. Once I’m comfortable in a particular space, that’s where I do my best writing.

    Tom, do you ever lose any of your ideas that way? I know I’ve had ideas and thought, ‘Oh, I need to write that down!’ but didn’t have anything on me to write it down with. Now I always carry pen and paper everywhere. Even while I’m bicycling.

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