Open Office formatting for CS

Over the past few days I tried working in Open Office with a Create Space template. The templates in CS are well-formatted, but they are set up for MS Word. For those of us who use OO, it’s a problem.

If it wasn’t for my hero, friend and fellow author, Phyl Campbell, I’d probably still be working at it.

I thought, there’s got to be a work around this. There are some authors out there who don’t have the fortune to have a Phyl Campbell. So I posted in the Create Space forums looking for help.

Well, it turns out that there is a man… He created templates specifically for Open Office users to work with CS. And he’s placed them on his website for free downloading.Β Thank you Steven Johnson.


15 thoughts on “Open Office formatting for CS

  1. Excellent news, Carla! Thanks for the link πŸ™‚ I’ve been using Word templates too, but in Libre Office, which is a build on OpenOffice, and that may handle them a bit better. Mind you, I hadn’t tried the CreateSpace ones yet – only those from other POD services. I’m off to get me some OO templates now πŸ˜€

    Thanks again for posting this info’!

  2. Actually, when I created the OpenOffice templates, they were created in and for OpenOffice. I have since moved on to LibreOffice myself and I have used the same templates in LO without modification for three years now. Steve – the first one to comment here – if you are having a problem with them loading let me know by sending me a comment at my website,

    Steve – the one who created the templates.

  3. Ah, my mistake. I thought you were saying it didn’t open up in LO. Rereading the message has made me go back to my website to discover something is wrong with the download page. Hope to have it working again by tomorrow.


  4. Back again. After you filled in the registration data and got to the download page, did you click on the little blue box? It should be a button that says Download, but the link works. Now to find out why the download button disappeared.

  5. in the top right corner is your checkout information. If you go to that and click on the product it will take you directly to that page so you can download.

  6. Sory, I crashed last night πŸ™‚ The issue wasn’t the download button. The LO template simply didn’t appear at all on the downloads page, for some reason. I tried twice before sleep overtook me. The OO ones were there – no problem.

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