The human perspective of Earthlings

Xilam explains to Alex.

 “A person from Aerte perceives life in one direction,” said Xilam. “They ‘see’ things from a personal and individual perspective. Each believes wholly, his or hers is the most important and knowledgeable universal view.”

She produced the screen again, moved her hand across several symbols and a cartoon bowling lane appeared. “This is the direction of an Aertean’s life.” A ball appeared and the lane grew in length with several pins standing at the end.

An individual Aertean has been told the pins at the end of the alley should be their goal. That goal is their primary purpose and they will attempt to move toward it without question. Most people you know have a personal destination of wealth, priviledge and comfort. Is this correct?”

To get rich. Yeah,” he nodded. “That’s what most people want. But not everyone.”

Xilam set the ball to rolling down the lane. “As a person goes through life, they may have a few obstacles along the way. Things may not go as they plan,” the ball fell into the gutter, but continued on. “Despite this, they continue to eye that final destination. The ball still wants the pins, right? The pins are it’s purpose for being. Just as individuals within Artean culture have come to believe wealth, or hoarding of resources are their purpose.”


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