Review – Vaporware

vw_cover I’ve read plenty of books that kept my attention to the very end. I hate to use cliches, but sometimes white-knuckled and at the edge of my chair.

Unfortunately, as hard as Richard Dansky tried to do this, in his book Vaporware, he failed. Not miserably. It’s not one of those big fails, because there is a story there.

If the book would have been put through a round of editing, it may have been one of those books you would want to recommend. But the errors, grammar and bad punctuation, in addition to many, many typos, distract from the story.

There are also several product placement spots in the text, that one doesn’t often see in literature. Diet Coke and pop tarts make an appearance, as well as other junk foods.

Though author Dansky may have a few books under his belt, if they are edited as badly as this one is, I can’t imagine they have been very successful. Can a successful author not afford an editor?

In a few places, dialogue from different speakers inhabit the same paragraph. Information has been left out and in one particularly, glaring paragraph an ‘o’ was inserted at the end of a sentence for no reason I could find.

“She put the menu down o.”

I’ve heard a lot of complaining about indie authors, but this book was published by Journalstone, a publishing company in San Francisco. You would think that even a small press would put a manuscript through at least a couple of edits.

Too many references in the technical aspects of game building causes the non-developer to yawn and skip through some parts. Despite the errors, there is a story. Not a great one, because there are too many cliches and too little action. The plot and characters could have used more development.

Still, with one, perhaps two more edits, this could be a book worth recommending. As it stands, two of five stars.


One thought on “Review – Vaporware

  1. Hi Carla, thanks for the review. I wanted to just mention that some of the editing and typo issues you saw are because the early ARCs were before the final few rounds of editing, so unfortunately you got something that wasn’t quite ready for the big time. It sounds like it may not have been labeled as what it was, which is unfortunate.

    In any case, thanks again. It was a good, honest, thorough review.

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