Ebook giveaway promotions – a better way?

Recently I emailed the KDP people to find out how authors were able to giveaway ebooks to individuals. Many authors are doing this through Librarything and Goodreads, so I scheduled my own for the release date of Nexus.

Unfortunately, KDP can’t do this. Their note to me, reads: At this time, we’re unable to provide promotional copies of Kindle titles. We hope to have this ability in the near future…

So in order to provide giveaways copies I’ll have to provide readers with a Smashword coupon code.

Does anyone out there have a better solution to this?

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2 thoughts on “Ebook giveaway promotions – a better way?

  1. That’s interesting… _Mother Confessor_ did a 5 day free run as part of the KDP program. So did _MC2_. Why would KDP say they don’t do that — when quite obviously, they do that? And that’s kind of the point of BEING in KDP. It must be late, and I’m missing something.
    And I thought I was supposed to be getting emails when you updated, but I realize I haven’t been. I tried today and it said my email wasn’t valid. Gotta love technology — ACK!!!

  2. I wasn’t talking about a promotion open for everyone. I had asked if there was a way to do an ebook giveaway to individuals who requested a book. It’s not a FREE ebook, but a prize for specific individuals.
    Technology… we love it, we hate it and according to Ray Kurzweil, it may be the end of us. LOL.

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