Idea Tinkering: Creativity

In my struggle to make sense of the creative process, I’ve went through a few books and used a few of the methods mentioned below.

When we’re not writing, it does not mean we’re not being creative. I’m not sure about other writers, but when my writing stops, misery begins. I’ve accepted that every waking moment should be devoted to my writing.

How many other professions ask this?

Anyway, when you’re not writing, rather than wallowing in guilt, try some of the exercises below. It’s idea tinkering, meant to distract you from the current project, but still keeping the creative juices flowing.

1. Take pics of your notebooks. page by page.

2. Document part of your writing process. The read through, notes, editing.

3. Seek patterns deliberately in nature and man-made. Write them down, document through pics, notes, etc. Organize them into a presentation.

4. Record outdoor sounds then transcribe them.

5. Practice mindfulness by becoming aware of your creative process. What are you thinking? What has prompted that particular thought? How does it assert itself on to the page, or canvas?

6. Take a series of images and copy and paste them into one document. Describe the process, or write a story about the resulting image.

7. Spend a full day doing nothing but drawing and taking photos. Make notes or write a journal entry about the experience.


Results of a few creative attempts:
















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