Words defined by sound, rather than from their official definition.
Stuff – dusty

Effluvium – victim of the flu.

Vulpine – A woman who is wolf-like.

Protean – Someone who really likes tea.

Innocuous – I will knock you out.

Quiddity (Quid*ditty) – A short child’s song.

Noetic – An individual who only says no.

Daphnean – One who is daft.

Delphic – Of the Dells; or, one who loves dells.

Go – a yellow fish.

Organism – A belief system. Much like Mormonism, but holding to the faith that organs will survive the test of time.

Animal – a bad animation.

Transfer – transporting fur.

Literary – an empty liter bottle.

The real definitions can be found at


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