Unscheduling doesn’t work


For the new year’s resolution I wrote that I would not follow any particular writing schedule. I would write when I could. I have not lived up to that.

Cleaning cobwebs in the morning, I brew coffee, think about the day ahead while attempting to check email through this awfully slow wireless connection. While the laptop attempts connection I brush my teeth, wash my face, drink coffee. Think about switching to decaf.

I write for a bit, get myself ready for my walk/bike ride or run.

I run, walk or ride my bicycle. Then I deal with the rest of the day.

Writing comes in parcels. An hour on the novel. Then switch to editing for an hour. Then writing a short story. Then a column post. More editing. Reading.

Escapism is an attractive choice, but lately when I read, or watch a movie, I take mental notes. There is a constant critic chattering over my shoulder while I try to enjoy the story. Escape is not exactly an option. As much as some of us like the idea of falling into a story, elements of the tale told glare out of the page. We like the story, but there’s that one thing… that plot element that doesn’t work. Why would the author use that particular word? This dialogue is lame. Can they not see that?

Non-scheduling doesn’t work. The morning ritual should go, I think. But then, I think not. I like sitting at the window waiting for the wireless, while I sip my coffee and try to clear out the dream fuzz. These are moments that feel crucial to the rest of the day.

Perhaps the walk, run or bicycle ride should go. That would give me an extra hour to contemplate writing. But then, those difficult elements–the pieces of the puzzle–that become clear as I walk, run or bicycle, may disappear.

The afternoon is left unscheduled. Writing occurs. Editing happens. Spontaneous generation of story is an event. A thousand words a day is average.

I’ll work at it, I think. Attempt to unschedule. A little here, a little there. I dislike being so predictable.

I don’t like resoultions and don’t even know why I made that one. How often are they followed through?




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