Completely off topic…

I figured with a couple days off, I would something I wanted to do. I went bicycling. Rode around Siloam Springs to see what I could see.

Downtown Siloam is a beautiful historic district with brick walkways, victorian era homes and the Twin Springs and Sager Creek waterways running through it.

Despite this beauty, as with anywhere we have our litterbugs. I took a couple of hours of riding and documented some of the litter; simply, because it’s irritating. People can find nothing better to do with their children’s disposable diapers than to throw them on to someone’s lawn. Or use the neighbors yard as a trashcan.

Someone recently dumped a couple of trash cans into Sager Creek and the trash sat at the dam area for more than two days.

Below, I am sharing a little story about a piece of paper and under that, some of the things I found along my bike ride, (Photos and a small list), but the greater number of things I found tend to be plastic items (containers, ties, etc.)

Mind you, Readers, this is a town with less than twenty-thousand residents.


Littered Notes

Binder paper floated across the lawn, hurrying to join up with plastic Wal-Mart sack stuck willingly to the chain-link fence across the street.

Binder had only one thing scribbled on himself. “Bungalow” was written in small scrawl across three blue lines and he knew this was his purpose. Plastic did not care. His notion was to go where the wind took him.

He hoped for a jet stream, but in all honesty, any old wind would do.

The clandestine meeting turned out not so secret, as water bottle tumbled by shooting a suspicious glance in their direction. Her vase-like figure hurried toward her own destination. She did not care what Binder and Plastic did.

Binder rubbed one corner of himself on the chain, indicating it was time for him to move on. At the same time, Plastic felt a gust of wind, he lifted, let go and waved a handle to Binder.

“Adios,” it said.

Parting ways, Binder knew then, it was time to bungalow. The timing did not seem right. He wasn’t sure  exactly what it meant, but knew he should try.

Ambling, tumbling, floating across the city, he was stepped on, tracked upon by a car tire, two bike tires and a dog with sharp paws.

A kitty attempted to hold him tight at one point and he did not know if he would be able to make it through these rough seas of life. She bit him up and down, tore at him relentlessly.

He was a beaten paper.

But then another gust of wind took him high, over the city. He saw Baloon and Plastic. He waved a tattered corner at them.

Then he saw it. His reason for being. It was wide and dark. Rough and calm. Floating down, he rested along its surface, allowing it to rock him to and fro. Lulled by the motion.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, he finally came apart and bungalowed.



A toothbrush

stuff found bicycling around town

Flattened Cereal box.

Plastic Straws
old (plastic) lighters
plastic bottles
bottle tops
cans (aluminum and tin)
paper labels
Popped balloon
styrofoam cups
paper coffee cups
fountain drink cups
store receipts
disposable diapers
cigarette butts
plastic ties
Bumble Bee Quick Tuna Salad container
Political display signs
chewing tobacco containers



2 thoughts on “Completely off topic…

  1. Love the little inner working of a litter’s mind you gave us with this little tale. I love your caricatures of Binder, Plastic, and Water Bottle.
    I’ve walked around the city here and see the same as you (I also took pictures). I have seen garbage piled high right beside an empty trash can.
    Sometimes, garbage can become found objects, though, to be recycled into art or an artform. You’ve given a broader definition to recycle with this. 🙂

  2. I love some of the junk art I’ve seen. I know there’s one man who creates furniture from old pallets. A woman in this area makes wall hangings and mobiles with found things.

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