Woman Truth (poem)

A quiet, demure lady
is something appreciated
in southern states.

States of panic
Panic over identity
Identity of sexuality.

Sexuality is questioned
Quest for peace.
Peace of mind.

Minds small and narrow.
Narrow alleys of this and that
That fist, that job, that place.

Placing ladies on pedestals,
Pedestals topple,
Toppling dolls.

Dolls are made of plastic,
Plastic heads,
Heads empty of substance

Substance takes matter
Matter of character,
Character traits.

Traits not subscribed.
Subscriptions to paradoxes,
Paradoxes of justice, truth.

Truth is not quiet.
Quiet is not truth.
Truth is not a lady.

She’s a full-grown woman.


One thought on “Woman Truth (poem)

  1. And you can also write great poetry! 🙂 Love the artwork, as well. I like the style of this, how each concept moves to the other, like a stream of consciousness, from line to line. Excellent.

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