Excerpt posted

Alex woke but could not move. Something unseen stood or floated above him, summoning, or what felt to him like a summoning. Not verbally, but through some inaudible process that reached into him. A calling. The core of him awoke. A small, distant aspect of humanity, veiled in integration. He knew this somehow.

Like a rabbit gone tharn, he laid paralyzed by fear, knowing the being in the room with him was the cause. It was an instinctive reaction to a thing much larger and deadlier than oneself. Something other.

You can read the rest of the excerpt posted on my NaNo page.



2 thoughts on “Excerpt posted

  1. Hey, great excerpt so far! Your first sentences here thoroughly drew me in and I eaglerly clicked to read more…I was not disappointed. I love the set up of what seems like one of the main characters (one of the students perhaps?) when he first meets “The Teacher”. I love the end of the excerpt as well, the matter of factly stated and yet revealing three words, “Now you know.” Brilliant! You can almost feel the whoosh of Alex’s mind being blown. 😀

    Your descriptive abilities are sensational, too. “The length of the dark…” as if the dark were some living, breathing organism. “A small, distant aspect of humanity, veiled in integration.” What a great sentence, not only in the imagination, but also to be said aloud, it just flows from the tongue like a mountain stream. Your writing is full of these kinds of textures, your stories are almost palpable. Like they could form in the air as substance.

    Keep going…and I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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