The NaNo Challenge – Suggestions

With the advent of National Novel Writing Month, you will notice a few changes in the online writing community; at least here in the United States. In 2010 more than 200,000 writers took part and this year that number will probably jump as the challenge has become more well known.

For anyone who has a participant in the family, here are a few suggestions to help you get through it.

1. Be considerate. Occupy yourself without drawing the attention of your writer. I.E., do not compete for her attention, because she is doing this as a personal accomplishment.

2. Bring your writer food and drink. Think healthy. Fruit, veggies, fresh bread and cheese. Water, juice, green tea.

3. Help with chores or errands around the house. She will show appreciation when this is over.

4. Remember: if she completes this challenge, you will also be rewarded by the outstanding mood and accomplishment high in the coming months.

5. It’s okay to pop your head in to see if your writer is doing okay or needs a break. If she does, suggest taking a walk.

6. If you know you will need her attention later, slip a note in somewhere or send a message so she will know in advance. Do not risk breaking into a creative streak.


This is my first year participating, so I only have these six for now. I’m sure as I work through this month, more will come up.

If you have suggestions, add them in the comments. I think for all of us, any advice is appreciated to help us get through this.

Good luck to everyone participating.


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