Nexus book cover – NaNo

Here’s the book cover for my NaNo project Nexus.


4 thoughts on “Nexus book cover – NaNo

  1. In a word: Awesome. I love the implied concept, and the graphic fits perfectly with the abstract Nexus.

    I just read your synopsis for the novel, love it! Will you be posting what you write as you write it to the NaNoWriMo site? I would love to follow along as this develops. The idea is a great one for its magnitude within humanity and human nature. It’s actually a real problem. I’d love to see how you solve this and what the teachers have taught the students and how the students will be received back on Earth, a hundred years past.

    Yours remind me much of Isaac Asimov’s logical problem and philosophical and ethical conundrum behind I, Robot.

  2. I’m still in the planning stage of the story and it’s quite a bit more complicated than I expected it to be, but before I offer it to readers, I think I would like to have this one edited professionally.

    I will keep everyone up to date on how it’s going. Once we get underway, I think there’s a widget I can get to show my daily word count.

    Though I won’t be posting much during the month of November, I share more cover ideas as I’m not completely happy with this one. I love the design of the graphic, but it feels as if there’s something missing.

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