No one says Depression…

The Unknown Job Applicant

I hit a wall about 15 minutes ago… strictly in the figurative sense of course. I’m in the middle of week 4 in the new job, and I’m totally burned out.

It’s not the new job’s fault, it’s the previous 10 years that have done it to me.

10 Years ago

I was employed full-time at a small company, running the marketing department which consisted of, well, me. I had been working there for a few years, and the Executive Director had just left. The new ED was, and I’m putting this as gently as I possibly can: a total boob, a nincompoop, buffoon, incompetent moron, just slightly less qualified than a potted plant. The example I give to illustrate this is 2 weeks into the job, he announced that by “writing off bad debt” he had managed to fix a budget deficit the company accrued during the 4 months…

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