Tesla machine in Arkansas?

Note: I’ve had to re-type this article as I don’t have a scanner…  Also this is a clipping. There is no author attribution.

1985 article. Siloam Springs, AR


Interesting discovery in the basement of historic building – attributed to Nikola Tesla.

After the purchase of a historic monument and hotel, local developer, Moroni Cally began exploring the basement and found, to his surprise a strange looking mechanical contraption that appeared dated.

“The previous owners said they rarely went into the basement and when they did it was only during tornado warnings,” he said. “They never mentioned this machine–or whatever it is.”

After some research, a local reporter found the dating of the machine corresponds to a lengthy stay at the hotel by Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor.

“Sometime in 1893, Tesla had come into the area and found the place to his liking and decided to stay for awhile. Unfortunately, it was to the detriment of the hotel owners as he was a demanding guest according to the notes found in the (previous) owner’s journals and reports in a small local newspaper called the Sun.”

A collector of Tesla objects and artifacts, Chin Trine, examined the machine and reported that though it probably could be attributed to Tesla, the machine was unlike any of the inventor’s other contraptions, which generally had to do with energy production.

He also offered to purchase the machine from the new owner.

Currently, the machine remains in the basement of the hotel. The owner has no intention of selling, but has said that anyone who would like to examine it, may do so by appointment.


Since the 1985 discovery, the mystery machine fell into obscurity, with the hotel changing hands three more times. The machine has remained where it was initially found, probably because the thing looked so forbidding. I happened to find out about it, because one of the hotel owners, a regular at the corner coffee shop, overheard me mention a story about Nikola Tesla.

A conversation ensued and from that an invitation to view the machine. My daughter, Gloria and I went to see it…

More to come soon.


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