Experimental – poetry?

Sophia non grata


from Latin Sophism means ‘not with joy’.

In the modern definition, a sophism is a confusing or illogical argument used for deceiving someone. Most would translate: To deceive without joy.

In Greece at the time of Herodotus, the term Sophia or Sophos was used to mean, wisdom or ‘of wisdom’.

Today, the full translation of Sophia non grata into English would be wisdom without joy.


A part at the center of human,
undone by understanding of truth
made fallacy turns to magma.

Where is us?
Was human,
Truly human?

Diogenes, the tubbed.
A human dog, cared less for man
Because he owned light.

One cannot shame him,
without casting a shadow
on their own character.

A dog he was.
But more than human.
And a dog with a light.


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