Thinking about the future

I’ve been working on Smartware, the third chapter of the Evo-Digital series for awhile.

It’s an uncomfortable story for me, perhaps part of that comes from the research involved. I’m posting ‘The Flow’ part of the story here. This is the Flow explained by someone selling the service.

Under the post you will see a video by Michio Kaku, explaining brain-to-brain interfaces. Something that he predicts will become the next internet. A ‘brain-net’…


The Flow

First think of the way information is passed through the internet. People create information, post it somewhere where others can view it. It is one computer seeking another.

The flow was an unintended consequence of the MentaChip, but was further developed by Amanda Denton after the MentaChip and SmartWare tests concluded in 2014.

The Flow is one mind seeking another. The computer is unnecessary for this function. What the participant finds is not a link, web page or blog. Instead they pick up images, ideas and thoughts.

Subject A, we’ll name Fred.

Fred connects to the Flow for the first time. At first he is overwhelmed by the experience, because there is too much going on “around him” at once.

What that is, is the amount of data or information passed from one participant to another. It’s like having three internets on crack suddenly coming up on your desktop and having no way of controlling it. You don’t know where it’s going or what it’s doing.

At first it’s frightening, because it’s unknown territory.

After some undetermined time of exposure the actual, “Flow” begins. You allow it to Flow over and through you. You’re picking up on the information and ideas that you choose to focus on rather than everything, though everything is accessible.

If it were a video, you would see a flowing blue background with bright “stars” of information floating around. Some images pop out at you. The face of some unknown individual. If you could touch the screen, the indivdual would come to the foreground and speak to you. Or just speaking. Perhaps to him or herself, but you would be privvy to the conversation. That conversation is either directed thought or internal chatter.

Some ideas get more attention than others. We’ve found that when emotion is directing the chatter, more people tend to pick up on it.



2 thoughts on “Thinking about the future

  1. I sort of broached this idea quite some time ago, in a story called Rampant Pheromonix, where an overpopulated society was stricken with an epidemic of involuntary clairvoyance. fun stuff to think about!

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