This Week (Beginning 9/23)


No enjoyable reading to report this week.


Several blog posts, but have been re-writing/editing through some previous work.


In television: Fringe is back. Great premier, but it should have been longer. No movies this week.

Cool Moments

Frustrating week, but I found a couple of things to be grateful for: 1. Since January I have been writing full-time and have learned so much. 2. That I have had this time. There are quite a few who cannot afford to take nine months to do something like this. I have been fortunate.

Random thoughts

This was a busy week in indie publishing. The week started off by a discovery of Blue Tent (with my name on it) on Amazon with a different cover and an unauthorized price change. After notifying Amazon, the copyright agent promptly (two days) removed the offending work.

After a couple of email comments (thanks are in order) about Two, I wanted to see what a professional editor would do with the work. I sent the first twenty pages to a professional service for a quote.

The service sent back a couple of different samples, both of which were substandard, even by ‘indie’ standards. That said, tongue- in-cheek.

The quote was $900. for 30K words. The samples sent back included, words crossed out by the editor, then re-written. Perhaps they thought that I would not notice they repeated exactly the word I had originally used? I’m not sure about the reasoning behind this redundancy, but when I contacted the company about it, they were eerily silent. That company being

The second sample came back, no better. The editor said she had read the work, but her comments indicated she believed the Time

Keepers were from a different planet. "…when he is taken from here and placed on Earth as a human man…"

After this, I thought perhaps I should just stick to beta-readers and people who are actually interested in story development.

This week there was also some controversy about the overall quality of indie published books. A few book snobs, tend to be narrow minded on the topic of quality, independently published work. One person insinuated indie authors were lazy (and do not want to jump through hoops) in comparison to ‘traditionally’ published authors, which kind of sums up their knowledge about what we do…

Lastly, I worked a few hours at creating a new book trailer (for Two) that did not turn out too well. Though I liked some of the imagery, the sound did not turn out too well. If I have time this coming week, I’ll attempt another.



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