Indie Publishing: The sky is not falling



I am so sick of whiners complaining the publishing industry has changed for the worse. These criers of doom, the Paul Revere’s of the traditional publishing industry are screaming, “The indies are coming! The indies are coming!” And cannot seem to figure out how to find a decent independently published book.

I gotta wonder how many times they’ve been to the library lately. Hmmm…

It takes a huge intellect to figure out that to find a good book, you read the blurb, look at the cover, check out reviews. Then read a sample.

Not real complicated. Not any more complicated than going to the library. But then, there are a few people who trip over their own feet on their way through the doors of that fine institution.

But damn if they still aren’t shouting, “the industry is going to hell! The world is ending! The sky is falling!”

Well, Chicky Little, the sky is not falling. Look up. It’s just turned a different color and that apple that hit you on the head is called ‘Independent’ publishing. It’s a new phenomenon. A breath of fresh air in a stagant system. A lotta crap you gotta sift through at times, but damn if doesn’t look like a revolution.

And I like it.


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