This Week (Beginning 9/16)


Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Daily Science Fiction (every day this week) and massive amounts of information about worldbuilding. Just checked out China Mieville’s Kraken.


Wrote an article (accepted) for Perihelion Magazine. Began re-writing parts of Pink Eye. Making notes for the new novel.


Solaris with George Clooney. I’ve watched it a few times and am undecided on whether I like it or not. I enjoy it as an art form. Solaris, as science fiction does not feel like science fiction. It feels like philosophy.

Cool Moments

Two is up on Kindle and Smashwords.

Random thoughts

When I finish one project I’ve noticed it takes me about a week before I can immerse myself in another. As if a breather is in order. I’ll make little notes, get frustrated that I’m not writing as much as I should be, read a bit. Make more notes. Write blog posts. A week of that and I’m ready to jump in to the new project with both feet.

The new project is larger than I usually work. I glance at the notebook on my desk and cringe. I’m building a world. I think I’m building a world. I’ve been reading the literature on world building and watching videos on youtube about Conbuilding/Worldbuilding.

Though I’m making a lot of notes on this right now, I won’t officially begin working on it until December. The next two months will be spent cleaning up previous work. Pink Eye is in the re-editing/re-writing queue and going through a few changes.

I will finish Smartware by the end of October, post it on Smashwords and Kindle, but will also combine the three Evo-Digital stories into one compilation (offered separately).

November 1st begins NaNoWriMo, which I’m taking part in this year. I read the average word count is about 1600 words per day to complete the challenge. I think it’s a great exercise in time management and discipline. I think it’s also a great way to get something done. Fifty-thousand words in one month. It may be crap, but it’s crap that can be edited and re-written.

In December begins the larger project. I suspect this is going to take several months as I have no experience with world building. I also expect this to be a full novel of at least 90K words. I’m predicting that I will complete the writing in March and have the editing completed by Mid-April. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this.


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