This Week (Beginning 9/2)


Have been reading through the Pre-launch relaunch issues of Amazing stories, July and August. Excellent stories and discussions. Looking forward to the first edition of the publicly released magazine.

I’ve also been scanning different online science fiction sites. I’ve signed up for the daily science fiction, a fun read every morning, but I have to say I’m really impressed by some of the content I’ve found online., Asimov’s and Analog among them.


Finished editing Two, working on little things. The back cover blurb–this is something I’m terrible with. I’ve been trying to advice in this area, but it doesn’t write the blurb for me. Ugh.

Have re-worked the cover a bit and this week started on a new  novella titled, Sona Dora: the Dream Journals of Sofia Guevara and attempting to get through this challenge by fellow indy author Tom Lichtenberg. I took on the challenge before thinking about it, so now…somehow…someway, I have to write it within
these guidelines. Grrrr…


No movies this week. (again.) Sorry.

Cool Moments

Finished editing Two. Yaaaaay! I don’t think I can express how cool this is.

Random thoughts

Finishing Two I thought about writing an afterword. Maybe I should explain some of the loose ends I left in the story.

I’ve noticed other authors I have read have done this, but then I’ve also read ‘advice’ in this area, to never explain elements of your work, because everyone has a different perspective on it. Explaining makes you look weak. Huh?

I’m not sure I agree. I think including an afterword may be a good idea, because there are some areas with intentional loose ends. That is, a line of discussion or element within the text that is left unresolved at the end.

One particular element of the story discusses the Time Keeper archives. Two, One and Four never get to go to the archives, though Four does say that he has visited the area.

The area is described by Twelve as huge… They are similar to underground caverns, but hold the historical treasures of the Vatican

Though the reader will see other areas of the compound, they never get to the archives.

Is it necessary for the reader to visit that area? Necessary to the plot, no. I would have included it if it was, but I think it would be interesting to take a trip into the area. It sounds exciting, that a secret organization around for more than a thousand years has records they’ve kept. What is really down there? Is it all just paper records? Are there photographs of Council members? Does it have information on the origins of the Council or the Guardians?

I may write that afterword after all.

One last random thought

I have been reading quite a bit about this controversy brewing over authors and the abuse of the Amazon reviewing system. There is one particular writer, which I shall not name here, who begrudges anyone who doesn’t think like he does.

Unfortunately, he has a very loud voice. He’s popular and has come out on one side of this controversy and anyone expressing their opinion in opposition is drowned out by him and (and righteously indignant) fans.

I’ve not come out on this on one side or another. Simply put, I don’t care. I’m usually too busy to spend time worrying about what other people are doing on Amazon or how they vote in the latest popularity polls.

The problem is, we’re entitled to our opinion (whatever that may be) and should be allowed to express that opinion without being attacked by others. Especially someone who uses their popularity to influence opinion in a way that is abusive.

It’s disgusting.

Some people will say, “You have the right to express your opinion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respond to it.”

Nope, it doesn’t mean that. But what is asked in most public forums is a form of consideration. Listen and participate. If you disagree with what someone says and absolutely must debate it, then by all means, debate. But for criminey’s sake, don’t resort to name calling, personal attacks and attempts at humiliating an individual for a typo.

That’s my two cents on this whole thing. Can’t wait til it’s over and goes down in the archives of indy publishing as something we never want to visit again.


9 thoughts on “This Week (Beginning 9/2)

  1. rather than an afterword, maybe save it and revisit with a new story sometime? and really, no obligation for that ‘challenge’. sometimes not-doing can be very liberating 🙂

  2. That certain someone went a little crazier than usual today, with tons and tons of outrage about the outrage. Outrageous! Congrats on the nice Future Fire review of Bluie Tent – well-deserved!

  3. It always pains me to come up with interesting and fascinating places in a world, but then not be able to have readers visit it because it’s not relevant to the story. An afterword would be an interesting place to further describe places.

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