This Week (Beginning 8/26)


I’ve downloaded several stories from Smashwords and other sites, but currently working on getting Two out. I will definitely get some much needed reading done, when Two is published.

The only reading I did do this week, besides regular blog checks, etc. was a short story by Tom Lichtenberg, titled, The Von Barkingham Method of Time Travel. A good chuckler. If you have a few minutes to spare I would suggest checking it out.

Editing Two. A frustrating, but necessary task. I noticed that during the editing that I had to re-write quite a bit, adding to character’s activities, fleshing out lesser characters to make them more believable. The longer story calls for a bit more work. It can be a pain, but it’s educational and very nice seeing the story take shape like this. Characters move from two-dimensional sketches to self-directed beings.

No movies this week.
Cool Moments

The statistics for Blue Tent and Day Gazing went way up and that was nice to see.
Random thoughts

The great authors make this work look easy. No one would guess how much time, frustration and key pounding goes into writing and getting published a good story.

This past week, I have agonized over every single line of text. Should that word go there? Is that the right verbage? Does it sound right? Perhaps a different word… and on and on.

Worse, while editing, it seems though I’ve re-written passages several times, they still are not good enough. I’m not sure other writers check the ‘sound’ of words together, but after I’ve written a sentence I say it aloud. If it doesn’t sound smooth, I re-write it.

I don’t like that a reader would have to work to understand what I’m trying to communicate. On the other side of that, is the difficult but necessary decision to hide things in the text, hoping the reader will find them. The story will go on whether those things are found or not, but they are there, adding an extra dimension to the work.

As often as I’ve gone through this editing process with other works, this particular work seems more difficult. Perhaps it’s the attention to detail, or with experience, each writer learns more about the message they are attempting to convey and with that we become more exact.

I’m not sure. I just know it’s damn hard. And damn frustrating at times. And so damn worth it.


2 thoughts on “This Week (Beginning 8/26)

  1. I wish I could work on my stories like you work on yours, but i just can’t. i tell myself, every time, i’ll go back and improve this or that, add some more here, add some more there, and i actually will do some minor back-revising as i go along, but once i get near the end, i’m so bored with the piece i just want it to end! truly.

  2. Well, on this one I’m really forcing myself to go through the editing. Usually I let a piece sit for awhile before I go back to it, but I thought that since I’ve been talking about it for so long, I need to get it done.

    I don’t know that I get bored with a piece as frustrated. It’s damn hard work keeping the momentum going. Readers pick up on it.

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