This Week (Beginning 8/20)


Several short stories online, including, The Death Park by Duncan Barford in The Future Fire, The Bear with the Quantum Heart by Renee Carter Hall in Strange Horizons, Zero Bar by Tom Greene in Strange Horizons, Shift World by Wayne English in Novel Endeavors.

All of these stories are of excellent quality. I must say that my favorite was Shift World. Dystopian, the downtrodden, hope on the horizon. These must be my themes.


Finishing up with Two. Beginning editing. Also started working on a challenge posed by fellow indy author Tom Lichtenberg. It’s quite a challenge and I’m not sure when I’ll have it done, but I would really like to encourage others to take a peek.


Hunger Games. I read the book, so the movie did not live up to the mental imagery. I would watch it again, but I was disappointed that so much was left out of the plot.

Cool Moments

Great week. Stats on my Blue Tent and Day Gazing shot up the chart. I had no idea what could have caused such a rise and to be honest I thought something was wrong on Smashwords. I wrote a message for help on the site because I did not believe the stats.

Come to find out it was a site that I had submitted ebook information to about a month ago. had posted both books on their new arrivals page.

Also made contact with some great people this week. Morgen Bailey is always busy helping new authors. I made contact and was able to send her information for an author spotlight. If you or anyone you know needs help with a blog, or interested to guest blog, contact her. She’s very busy, but easy to work with.

Random thoughts

There are several random thoughts for this week, at the top of my list was the topic of author/writer guilt for not working as diligently as I should.

I ran across a quote a couple of days ago, by another author and she said, "Guilt? F–k that."

I can’t be so flippant about it. Guilt motivates me to perform better. It informs me I’m not working as hard as I should be. That said, there are times I do want to utter the expletive above.

There are times as an author that it’s too easy to become distracted by life around us. Cable television. The internet. Family. The needs of others and sunny days.

For myself, there are times where I don’t feel that motivation to write. I want to do something else. There was a shining moment this week when I turned off the television and surfed the web for motivational quotes for writers. I found them and was motivated.

Second on random thoughts

How much are indy authors making?

"…if you somehow managed to get on the bestseller lists as an indie, a hot title can make $50k a month." JA Konrath.

A discussion on Goodreads prompted me to start looking around.

According to the Smashwords blog, one of the SW authors, Joseph Lallo earned more than $15K in his latest quarter.

Income from independent authors range from virtually nothing into thousands per day. Why this discrepancy?

If you look at the big earners, you’ll see why. Not only do they write full-time, but they put out a quality product. Most of these authors have five or more full-length novels published through Amazon and their marketing strategies include social media, guest blogging, reviews and paid advertising.

On the other side of that, most of us earn quite a bit less. Some of us are still learning the business and about the dedication and time it takes to become one of those big earners.

Some of the advice (and probably the most difficult and time consuming) from those big earners includes making sure you do put out a quality product. Word spreads quickly if you’re a lousy writer.

It seems more than anything, independent publishing is a bit more democratic than the traditional system set in place. If you work at what you do, you earn the rewards. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

I can’t say that’s a beacon of hope, or the light at the end of a very long, arduous tunnel, but it helps.



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