This Week (Beginning 8/13)


Read through more Collected Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges, but I’ve spent some time reading through an awful lot of blogs lately. What has kept me on some of the blogs was the helpful (and free) content offered to writers. I may end up creating a list of useful blogs for independent publishers/authors.


Two. I’m on the home stretch with Two. I don’t know that I’m going to make my deadline, because there is so much editing that needs to be done, but I’m going to attempt getting
it out within the next ten days.

No movies this week.
Cool Moments

Realizing that other indie authors really are very supportive and helpful.
Random thoughts

This was a difficult week in writing. Life sometimes gets in the way of work and worse, our emotions can get in the way of doing what we need to do for ourselves.

I can’t say that there haven’t been times when I wanted to throw up my hands with the self-publishing/writing career, just because it can be so difficult. When we’re broke, we have to do
everything ourselves and when attempting to learn everything we can about the business of publishing, plus produce our work, the task can be daunting.

When I started out, I said, “I just want to write.”

It was a pretty simple to me. I just wanted to write afterall. I did not want to worry about book covers, marketing, or the financial side of things. Leave the “biz” to someone else.
Unfortunately, (maybe fortunately) it does not work that way. Not if we want to build an audience/readers and establish relationships in this industry.

For me, the difficulty comes in the form of actually sitting down to write. Getting rid of all of the distractions and rolling up my sleeves.

And I can’t say that the financial end hasn’t had it’s stresses. But in this economy that applies to everyone. Or does it?

According to The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, it doesn’t. Seems erotica, or what he calls mommy porn is selling like crazy. One of the authors (in a guest post) had listed an ebook on Kindle and it was earning over a thousand dollars a day at it’s peak.


There are days I think this business sucks.

But then I start writing again.


4 thoughts on “This Week (Beginning 8/13)

  1. Hey, have you heard of Chris Guillebeau? He’s inspired me to try out a less conventional career path in exchange for keeping my soul 😉 Just keep writing.

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