Ojos Verde – short story

Long ago, in my folk tale writing days, I wrote Ojos Verde, based upon a dream…

There are many flaws, but when I read it again, I wanted to share. Such a strange little story.



Long ago, in a village outside what is now known as Mexico City, lived a girl known as Ojos Verde. She was named thus because she was born with green eyes and no one in the village had ever seen a child with green eyes before.

There was much superstition surrounding the child and eventually, her parents had to put her outside the home because her presence was causing too many problems.

She learned to steal food to eat and followed the animals in the jungle around to see how they lived and how to sleep in safe places.

One day, while roaming through a grassy area, she came upon a fat man sitting in the grass. He was so fat, that he could not move. Pointing her finger and laughing at him, Ojos Verdes made him feel terrible for being so fat and not being able to move.

She couldn’t understand how he became a fat man sitting in the grass and stopped laughing to ask him. He told her that once he was just as skinny as she was and if she wanted to know, she would be quiet and watch.

This angered her, because his answer was not an answer, but she moved away and climbed a nearby tree, watching as the fat man sat in the grass. She didn’t have to wait long because soon, one of the women from her village, came sauntering through the grass with small portions of food she sat in front of the fat man.

He looked toward the tree, smiled and ate the food offered and then the woman walked away toward the village.

Soon, another woman came and did the same thing. She set small portions of food in front of the fat man and after he ate and thanked her, she walked on toward the village.

This happened over and over again throughout the day, some of the villagers were women, some men and some were even children who offered the fat man the food.

The little girl in the tree became very angry. “Why would they not feed me,” she asked herself, “I was just a little girl when they kept me from the village and I went hungry many days until I learned how to steal food. This man is very fat and they give him food. It’s not fair.”

So instead of stealing her food from the village or looking for food like the animals of the jungle, she decided she would teach them all a lesson.

The next time a villager came walking through the grass, Ojos Verdes snuck up behind the fat man and grabbed the food that was set down when neither was looking. As soon as she had the food, she hid back behind him so the woman could not see her.

When the villager saw the food was gone, she looked amazed and said, “My that went fast!”

The fat man looked down at the place where the food was and looked puzzled, “Yes it did. Thank you.” Then the woman smiled and walked away toward the village.

Ojos Verdes ate the food hungrily. She had not had food like this for several days because the villagers were on alert for thieves. It was so good! She ate every bit of it and after she ate, found that her tummy hurt because she ate too fast and her clothing fit much tighter.

Soon, another villager came walking through the grass and the same thing happened. Ojos Verdes snatched the food from right under the nose of the fat man and moved back behind him. The villager was amazed, the fat man said thank you and the villager walked away as Ojos Verdes ate the food meant for the fat man.

After the second time though, Ojos Verdes noticed that she had grown when she stood up to walk away. She had grown a full three inches! She towered over the fat man sitting in the grass and noticed that he was no longer as fat as he used to be. In fact it seemed as if he had lost a considerable amount of fat and could hardly be called a fat man anymore. He was now just a chubby man.

She moved off back into the jungle and was happy about how much she had grown. Everything looked different. Even the small animals, who were once close to her size, appeared much smaller.

The next day, Ojos Verdes did the same thing. She snuck up behind the fat man and snatched the food from under his nose and hid back behind him so the villager could not see her. This time, it was much harder to hide because she had grown so much and the fat man was now only a chubby man.

When she ate this food, it was so good that again she ate too quickly and her tummy ached and the clothing she had changed into became tight on her. This was bothering her because soon she would run out of clothing if she kept growing. So the next time a villager walked through the grass, she left the food for the fat man who was no longer fat and moved away back into the jungle.

She climbed the tree she had first watched him from and noticed that the fat man was now no longer even chubby. He was now a skinny man. She had stolen so much of his food that he had become skinny. This bothered her because now there would be no way to hide behind him to sneak food when she wanted it.

After watching many villagers walk through, she decided to talk with the fat man who was now skinny. She climbed down from the tree and walked through the grass and sat in front of him.

He smiled at her and chuckled, “Did you get your answer little girl?”

She looked at him without answering, because she was angry. He was now making fun of her.

“You knew I was stealing your food and you didn’t tell the villagers. Why?” She asked.

“Because you were just a little girl and needed food. I was a fat man who didn’t need food because it was making me fatter. Now you are grown and don’t need food and I am no longer just a fat man sitting in the grass.”

And that is how the fat man and Ojos Verdes became best friends and never wanted for food again.



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