This Week (Beginning 7/2)


Ware Tetrology, by Rudy Rucker. Most excellent. I think this is some of the freshest writing I’ve experienced in awhile. I love the weird scenes and explorations into consciousness. I have to confess though, I had to look up quite a few of the words he used. I’m not much of a numbers/math person and Writer Rucker spends a bit of time on different types of math problems, dimensional type stuff that is fascinating. It’s an entertaining and informative read.


Working on an untitled story, currently at about 5k words. Two is still in the works, but taking the backseat to this new story. First Light was rejected by one of the markets I sent it to. Captain Taylor was History was rejected…


Memory. An older flick with Billy Zane. Not my kind of movie I guess. I didn’t find it particularly clever nor all that exciting. I also rented the old ‘V’ series with Marc Singer and Michael Ironside. The acting was terrible, dorky scenes with bad dialogue. I loved it, probably because it was so lousy. Worse than some of the B-movies I’ve seen lately.
Cool Moments

Volunteer readers have helped me move forward on a story I’ve been working on.

Random thoughts

Just a quote for today…

Easy reading is damn hard writing.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne


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