This Week (Beginning 6/18)

Reading – Finished reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and began Blindness by Jose Saramago. Though I did not like the previous novel by Saramago, I thought I’d give this one a try because I’ve seen the film. He still makes the reader work for the story. Commas separate dialogue, there are rare periods/stops and paragraphs run into one another. Is it a good read? Yes, it is, if you can get past the formatting, lack of punctuation and dialogue that runs together minus quotes.
Writing – Wrote another short story. Captain Taylor was history, (>1000words) began another, The Earth Shook.

MoviesThe Grey with Liam Neesom. I like the symbolism, the metaphor, the grim determination of an older man to survive despite odds against him.
Cool Moments

Met a couple of writers. One of the ladies says I should start my own writer’s group since there are none locally.
Random thoughts

What does it mean to live as a writer?

To live as a writer almost sounds silly, because we could also ask how one would live as a cashier, or as a valet.

Perhaps that difference lies within the level of dedication to the craft of choice. It is a trade, or as some choose to express it, a profession. But the idea that one is a professional in a particular area does not mean they live that profession. I’ve never heard that one lives as a pest control technician.

But I have read that some philosophers have lived their philosophy. Ghandi, Neitzche, the Dali Lama.

Living as a writer means I live within the world of words and ideas. I struggle with the craft, because though some aspects of it may come naturally to me, language is mutable, constantly changing, along with the ideas that govern it.

Though our trade is in crafting words in understandable and entertaining ways, we live for and are motivated by the idea(s) we are expressing in story form.

Those ideas are ever-present, residing within us until we find a way to bring them to the page.

And perhaps this is the nugget I have been digging for: that everything in my life of experience and study has led me to this point. That in living we (humans) settle more into who we are and become comfortable with that.

I hope so.


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