This Week (beginning 6/11)

Reading – Started Anathem, by Neal Stephenson and put it down because Snow Crash came in by inter-library loan. I’ve been told about this book for awhile and finally managed to get it. I’m impressed. Love the humor, tongue-in-cheeky lingo at times and the research/work put into the work. And anyone who has read it, also has to know that it was serious work. 5/5. Also started the Foundation Trilogy by Asimov.

Writing Two is turning into a small novel. Currently at around 8K words. Themes included immigration, the nature of man, cloning, friendship…


Wrecked, starring Adrien Brody. I wouldn’t want to pay to see it in the theater.

Chronicle, another sci-fi about three boys who find something in the woods and acquire superpowers. Disappointing.

John Carter. I’ve heard so much negative about this film, I really thought the film makers had taken EGB’s novel and trashed it. Not so. I actually liked it. Yes, JC and Deja lock lips five minutes after they meet, but considering the novel, it only took 20 pages (?) after they met before they considered jumping into the sack together. Remembering this is pulp fiction, I thought the film makers did alright. I wish they would not have left off where they did; JC did not save Mars from running out of air on this one. There are several crucial moments in the novel that were left out and that irked me, but I think with what they did include they did okay; with the exception of the Therns. I did not like that Thern “mission” took over and they were included in every aspect of the story.

The tharks were well done, when you go back and read the novel and read the description of the tharks, I don’t see any other way of doing this unless they animated it.

Cool Moments– Met a couple of writers in this area of the country. One of the ladies says I need to start my own writer’s group since there are no others here. We’ll see.

Random thoughts

I’ve been struggling with Two for a couple of weeks. The plot is mapped out, but there are points in the story that sometimes feel they need explanation. For now, I’m leaving those out because I think the reader will understand the why of those points.

One example: Two and his companions are at the border helping people cross over. They are covered with green tarps and the vehicles are painted green. It seems obvious the reason for this, but I want to include explanation that night vision cameras cannot pick them up with this particular shade of green. I haven’t yet, but am considering going back in the story and re-working so the explanation can be included.

As an avid reader I know there are moments I want explanation, but then there are those times when the author has gone out of their way to explain something and I think, “can we just get on with the story…” because the reasons seem obvious.

In popular films we’ve seen the way night vision works. We’ve read about it. So, is it obvious? To the average science fiction reader I think it would be, but then again, I’ve read a lot of science fiction that has nothing to do with current technology; night vision, thermal sensing, etc.

I think I need to ponder the question of whether the story works out for me as a reader. Yes, I am writing this for publication, but in the end I want to feel a satisfaction with the story. I have artistic license in this case. It’s mine, what do I want to do?

What works? What feels right? What are my instincts? And by not including the explanation, am I lazy?


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