This Week (Beginning 6/4)

ReadingAll the Names by Jose Saramago. I only managed to read 55 pages of Saramago’s work. Here’s the review.

An ebook by Tom Lichtenberg, titled The Part Time People. The work was not of the type of work I usually partake, but during the read I did laugh out loud a few times. I won’t give this read a rating, because I feel it would be unfair, as Tom’s work is so much different than what I’m used to. Pick up a copy yourself (you can find it free at Smashwords) and give it a try. By the way, all of his book are free.

By Ray Bradbury: All Summer in a Day and The Pedestrian.

Writing – I’m still working on Two. I did not get much accomplished as I’ve been out of town most of the week attending to family business. I did manage to work through some old files and posted a couple things on Goodreads.

Movies – Watched The Adventures of Tin Tin with my grandson. I thought it was a bit to complicated for a five-year old to follow. The computer animation was great, but the story was a too condensed for my liking. There were some great ‘edge of your seat’ moments, but one crucial moment moved into another. My grandson lost interest quickly, but like the trooper he is, managed to sit through it quietly (though fidgeting quite a bit) while I made notes. Not the best animation I’ve seen.

Cool Moments – Received feedback on some of my work. On Goodreads, through email and on the blog. Thanks to the generous folks who have given a bit of time to read what I’ve written and then gave their opinion.

Random thoughts

As most know, Ray Bradbury died this week. In my younger years I read quite a few of his stories. The Martian Chronicles, Farenheit 451, Illustrated Man (short stories), Something Wicked this Way Comes and watched the Ray Bradbury Theater.

About three years ago I happened to be in a public office and ran across a copy of some slick magazine from New York. On the contents page was a new story by Ray Bradbury. I had not read any of his work in years and to be honest, I didn’t know he was still around, much less still writing.

I looked him up on the internet. Well into his eighties he still wrote daily and spoke to large audiences. I watched videos of interviews and listened to advice he gave aspiring writers.

I came away with a few lessons in Bradburyism.

1. Write daily.
2. Write what you want to write. [That which keeps you interested].
3. Read, read, read.
4. If you don’t love what you do, you probably won’t be great at it.
5. If you do love reading and writing and want to be a full time writer, begin writing one short story, one essay or one article per week.

Thank you Mr. Bradbury.

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