A quote

From Declination, a short story in Day Gazing (a free ebook at Smashwords)

“…We’re all hungry. You should be thankful we have enough to keep us alive. You know what’s happened to some. We can’t allow ourselves too much because others will know.”

He nodded his head, but pouted. He knew too well. They had seen what happened to neighbors. Some had boasted a pantryful and they had paid for it. Some of the hungry resentful had come and raided the pantry, killed the family. And it wasn’t a quick death either.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew. Everyone had heard the screams and pleading. But the boasting family’s food had been parceled out to everyone. A can of beans here, a bag of rice there.

“Yes, I know. Like I said, I hate this place. Why did it have to change?”

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