This Week (Beginning 5/28)


Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind: Literature’s Most Fantastic Works. Parts 1 & 2. Lectures and handbook. The disks total 12 hours. The course moves through the full range of fantastic works beginning with Plato’s Republic and ending with postmodern and cyberpunk. Good info, but I wish they would linger a bit more on each subject.


Finished First Light. A short story about the end of humanity. Still needs editing. I thought I finished Two, the story is evolving into something a bit longer than a short story. Perhaps a novella in the works.

MoviesPerfect Sense and We need to talk about Kevin. Perfect Sense I would give 3 of 5 stars. We need to talk about Kevin would get 4.

Cool Moments

Uploaded Day Gazing to Smashwords. Received a review and nice comment on Smashwords. Discovered Tom Lichtenberg on Smashwords. He wrote a review on Day Gazing.
and has some great work up on the Smashwords website. I just downloaded Mortal Hole and Part-Time People. I hope to get through both in a couple of days.

Random thoughts

I attempted the haunted typewriter idea and could not work it out logically. It may sit in the Hall of Lost Stories for awhile before I re-work or delete it.

When attempting something like this, I feel as if there needs to be a bit of plausibility to it. A man purchases an old typewriter from a yard sale and messages are tapped out while he sleeps. That’s fine. But once he has eliminated the obvious (no one is breaking into his home), wouldn’t he just throw the typewriter out?

I would. I would chuck the thing.

If it’s causing me grief, I don’t care how much history is behind it, it’s going in the trash. Or perhaps I would give it to someone I didn’t like.

Maybe, he should receive the typewriter as a gift and cannot throw it out for sentimental reasons? Perhaps the person that gives it to him is an older relative who knows his character and dislikes him?

Maybe the story can be recycled. I’ll work with it.


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