This Week (beginning 5/14)


I, Robot by Cory Doctorow, ebook


Still working on Smartware. Thinking about leaving it alone for awhile while I work on something else. Wrote Dear Prospective Landlord and began working on Time Agents, another short story.


Asylum, with Natasha Richardson and Marton Csokas. I would give it 5 of 10 stars. Not great, but not terrible either. A bit dark. Watched Leaves of Grass with Edward Norton. Dark humor. A bit of drama. New Year’s Eve. Ugh. 1 of 10 stars.

Morning writing

Haiku and The Air Rumbled, flash fic (800 words) submitted to online sf magazine.

Cool moments

Took the weekend off. Did not allow myself to read or write for a full two days.

Was a featured author on Margaret Millmore’s blog.

Found out my son-in-law was reading Pink Eye.
Random thoughts

I write every morning as soon as I wake. I grab coffee and because my bedroom window butts up against a green space, I listen to morning sounds. Birdcall, distant traffic, chatter from other apartment dwellers, footsteps on the concrete path that runs along the side of the apartment.

A few weeks ago, I felt I needed a regular practice to get me into a daily routine of writing. I began writing haiku. The haiku mornings lasted a couple of weeks, but my writing took a turn. I began writing other forms of poetry and short stories. A few blog posts came from it.

Still, there are mornings I’ll write haiku. If I don’t feel that spontaneous spark, I concentrate on morning words and weather. Sounds around me.

I don’t know I’ll be prolific as some writers, spinning two or three novels per year, but if I can write fifty-two short stories, one novel, twelve poems, a few book reviews and a couple of children’s stories, this would be good. I can live with that.

Part of the purpose of writing is to become better. There is a process of development that probably never ends and I tend to wax philosophic about it.

Above the entrance of the temple at Delphi it reads, Know Thyself. Writing is a way for a writer to discover his or her self.

We exorcise our daemons on the page. Those bad guys–those are our shadows. It’s a learning process. Kind of like kindergarten for the self and the psyche.


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