This week (beg. 5/7)

Great week so far. I’ve been writing daily, though it seems some days I don’t write quite as much as I should.

Here’s a bit on this writer’s life:

Reading  Iron Heel by Jack London. 211 pgs. Ebook.

Writing   SmartWare. Attempting to finish by Saturday.

Movies watched – We Bought a Zoo.
When reading and writing darker material, I find it’s a good idea to watch movies with lighter, more positive messages. Family movies are good. Animated films.

Morning writing:
wrote Machine – a poem posted on the blog.

Cool moments

A Danish school English department contacted me about using a story I had wrote more than seven years ago.

Someone ran across Dreaming of Tacos at Author’s Den and found it to be worthy of publication. Beginning in August, it will be listed as one of the reading materials for a subscription list.

I get paid for it. It’s a start.

Random thoughts

How does my work give my life meaning?

It allows me the mental freedom to do as I wish. I can say what I want, do what I want in the words of the characters and in their deeds.

There is a freedom in writing we won’t get in real life. And the more meaningful aspect comes from the ability to share it with others. When someone says, “Hey, I really like that.” There’s something life affirming about it. It’s not just about me, it’s about others too. It’s a kind of connection with the rest of the world.

The most meaningful times have been when others have shared their own stories, inspired by my work.

I think mostly, the core of who we are wants to state, ‘I am here. I exist. This is my work. Look, this is me.’

My work may not be wholly me, but it flows from me. Most of us want to make something from nothing. As creators, that’s what we do. Some use mud or clay and create great pieces of sculpture. I use ideas and words to create worlds and the characters to people them. Then I give them out.

Writing and reading is what I do.


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