Machine – a poem


Efficient engine
mighty joint cogs spin,
leg wheels turn
Silver fist, (ex)Pounding law.

Eye lights, purple, blue flash
scintillating, hypnotizing
Shining, false sun into faces

blips beeps burst
positive rumblings
of signals and warnings:

Individu-speak, not.
Truth-speak, not.
bright awards await.

Thumping roars caution
for meek meanderings.

Great Machine moves, rising.
governing, decreeing,
dominating, formulating
plans, scripts, normalcy.

Gilded drones manacled atop
lashed by illusions
mad with abundant need
Ants oiling sprockets.

directing, buckled down
stamping, tamping
Commanding, demanding.

Therego, they who run
in ragged robes
Utterances of truth
on tongue.

Freedom ahead
watched by envious eyes.
Deprived bread and book
Feasting on dandelion.

And there, look there you.
men, women, children
ground down, voided.
venerating the iron heel
of the machine.

Look there you.


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