Another update to Artist’s Guide

Another update for the Artist’s Guide to Surviving Poverty is coming soon. I’ve done a bit of revising and added several more resources, including HEAP information, internet jobs and other helpful tidbits.

If you have anything you think should be included in the update, email starvingartist0 at yahoo dot com before next Friday (5/4/2012).


2 thoughts on “Another update to Artist’s Guide

  1. Very intriguing blog. I think it is very relevant, especially since artists are often so passionate about what they are doing they forget to spend time either monetizing what they do or doing other jobs. The art itself is more important than money, and so sometimes we artists allow ourselves to skimp by with what is necessary when a “normal” materialistic person who is centered on money wouldn’t allow that to happen in the first place. (There are pros and cons of being an artist, but I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons.)

    I like the suggestions in your guide, especially offering to use your talents to make money and also using Craigslist. I look forward to see where this blog is headed. I think there is definitely a need for it.

  2. Thanks Daniel. If you have any suggestions for the guide, I would really appreciate it. I can’t post regional links, but anything that is internet based, federal programs, anything that could help artists out financially would be great. Ideas and experience on how to survive situations would be great too.

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