Pushing Away – Free Verse

Foot against dock–

Suspended in liquid space.
Knees bent, tense.
Then straighten suddenly,
Pushing away.

Thought of affection,
A moment in limbo, poised
toward acceptance,
A dark idea remembered,
Pushing away.

Distance in time and space
Make things easier.
Like Sunday mornings.
Hands templed in comfortable thought.

Grief changes to resignation,
acceptance, regret of lost things.
A bitter taste.

A negative exclamation,
Finally returns us to that security
of me and I inside. Independent
of you and all.

A homeless cat,
Rubs against a leg, purring.
A pet here. A pat there.
A small bowl of food placed outside.
An act of kindness suddenly
turns to unwanted committment.

Push away.
And a kick serves you
just as well.


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