Head Chains – Dark poetry

Caution! For those who don’t like dark poetry please don’t read this.

Me in these chains
Attached to my head,
Minus a language
Fearing to tread.

I think good thoughts
Approved by the masses,
Slip up on occasion,
But live through the lashes.

The home of the free
Generations ago,
Maybe for some,
I don’t find it so.

Will to a meaning,
I found in a book,
Attempt to use tools,
I have the right look.

Attitude’s right,
Trine is complete,
I laugh at the past
Then hit delete.

There’s only one thing,
I find so elusive,
Where is the lover,
I found so abusive?

But then I remember,
A dark little trust,
I chopped off his head,
And ground him to dust.

There in the river,
Behind the gray coop
I spread his remains
And laughed at the dupe.

The audience clapped
A rousing applause
But then changed the station
Forgetting my cause.

Still I’m in chains
Attached to my head
I think I’ll be here,
Until I am dead.


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